Why study in Germany?

Excellent orientation towards theory and practice

There are multiple reasons for choosing to study in Germany. The attractiveness of Germany for international students must generally be estimated as being very high. This is expressed by the fact that Germany counts as one of the three most preferred target locations for foreign students. The quality of research and theory must be evaluated as excellent. First-class research and learning possibilities at higher education facilities open up for foreign students the possibility of obtaining an internationally recognized degree, with excellent chances on the job market. The spectacular level of research and theory forms, for instance, the basis for the world-wide known and respected quality seal Made in Germany and German Engineering on products. These quality seals are based on a link between theory and practice.

Profession-related study options in Germany allow to simulate the future typical work day already during studies at practical semesters, offering insight into the economy or other practical fields of work. This will simplify your entry on the job market after you have completed your studies as well as the development of your personal potential. The relevant offers by companies constitute a relevant quality characteristic and proof of high-quality education for foreign students, for instance in the form of practical training during studies that can take many months.

Variety and security

A further reason to begin studying in Germany is found in its broad cultural offer and the possibilities of reasonable spending of free time. Whether it be hiking trips with friends in nature, visiting castles or museums, concerts, restaurants, cinemas and theatre performances – these are examples of activities besides studying. This also includes sports activities among those with similar interests at sports clubs that are found in high numbers in Germany, and which support the feeling of community and integration.

Among other things, the broad cultural offer and the rich possibilities of actively spending free time are also based on the fact that Germany is a safe country. This applies both to large and small cities as well as for the countryside. It is basically not a problem for people in Germany to use public transport at any time during the day or night, for instance. The perfect framework to focus on studies is given by economic and political stability that are a solid part of German democracy.

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