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Success without university: Potentials and perspectives for dropouts

Dropouts are a common phenomenon. According to statistics about 28 percent of the German students who applied for a Bachelor’s degree later decide to quit in the middle of their studies. However, leaving university is not necessarily a bad decision. This article aims to point out prospects to both those who are sure that they want to drop out and for those who are still wondering which road to take. Besides addressing the common reasons why students decide to drop out, attention will be also given to the upsides and and downsides of leaving university. Finally, an interim solution will be provided.

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Inflation at German universities: Too many students nowadays?

Germany has proven to be one of the most attractive destinations for students in Europe. High standards, quality of education and attention to detail are just some of the traits the German higher education system prides itself on. But in recent years, a new problem has risen. With free tuition, easily accessible student loans and a rising popularity of German universities, the academic scene in the country may soon be full with more students than it can handle. Universities are using some strategies to cope with the congestion in lecture halls, but it is questionable whether they are enough. The aim of this article is to discuss the current situation of overcrowding at German higher education institutions by taking a closer look at both the factors contributing to that problem and some of the key strategies universities in Germany use to cope with it.

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Excellent location for education: Studying is becoming more and more popular in Germany

Choosing Germany as a study location has become very common among international students these days. The Federal Republic is a great place to live and study, as it offers young people study opportunities at some of the world’s best universities in well-developed cities. No tuition fees and high quality of education are some of the reasons why international students opt for Germany. There is a wide range of options, as German universities offer numerous courses in diverse fields. From innovative technologies to arts and culture – there is something for everyone. Without a doubt, the country gives foreign students the opportunity to have an experience of a lifetime. Nevertheless, one should know that previous planning and preparation are of significant importance, as there are some things that need to be taken into account in advance. This includes the decision as to which course fits best in terms of one’s talents, interests and inclinations; the cost of living in the chosen city; how to receive a student visa and more. The purpose of the present article is to present the advantages of higher education institutions in the Federal Republic of Germany, as well as to provide prospective international as well as domestic students seeking to receive higher education in Germany with information on important aspects such as student fees, living costs, visa and health insurance. Further consideration is given to Germany’s top higher education institutions and university cities. Finally, suggestions are made on how students can spend their free time and what parts of the country they should visit.